Joseph Bakun ($208,034) Wins First $1M GTD Main Event at Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati

Joseph Bakun ($208,034) Wins First $1M GTD Main Event at Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati

2023 Moneymaker Tour
Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Event 10
$1,500 Moneymaker Main Event NLH (Re-Entry)
Entries: 788
Prize Pool:  $1,040,160
September 27 - October 2, 2023

Event 10 of the 2023 Moneymaker Tour at Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati was the $1,500 Buy-in NLH Main Event. The event drew 788 entries over four starting days creating a prize pool of $1,040,160 just besting the $1,000,000 guarantee. The event attracted many top professionals from across the country along with a nice mix of local talent as well. Chris Moneymaker made his first Day 2 and Final Table of his namesake tour and was joined by fellow WSOP Champion Joe McKeehen at that final table.

In the end, Joseph Bakun, who came into the final day middle of the pack, won the event outright for $208,034 and received some nice parting gifts including the coveted crystal Moneymaker Trophy, a guitar trophy, a custom Moneymaker Tour Logo painting signed by Chris, the dealer button from the final table, and a new Faded Spade setup!

Congrats Joseph!

Our next stop on the tour is where it all started in May 2023, the Palm Beach Kennel Club (October 25th - November 6th)! We hope to see you all there and click here for more information: Schedule

Place First Name Last Name Prize Amount
1st Joseph Bakun $208,034
2nd Ian Richardson $128,252
3rd Frank Lagodich $94,655
4th Sean Pramuk $70,523
5th Daniel Swartz $53,256
6th William Chastain $40,670
7th Joseph McKeehen $31,517
8th Gary Simpson $24,756
9th Chris Moneymaker $19,659
10th Brett Reichard $15,706
11th Michael Williams $15,706
12th Joshua Hardwick $15,706
13th Randy Froehlich $12,794
14th Hyun Sung Lee $12,794
15th Brian Wardrup $12,794
16th Johnathan Theisen $10,610
17th Peter Ng $10,610
18th Joshua Reichard $10,610
19th Geoffrey Sapp $8,841
20th Donovan Dean $8,841
21st Jermol Jupiter $8,841
22nd Gary Owens $7,385
23rd Brad Sailor $7,385
24th David Mirth $7,385
25th Raymond Ezzie $6,345
26th Matthew Higgins $6,345
27th John Sullivan $6,345
28th Niles Lawless $5,513
29th James Campbell $5,513
30th Michael Shanahan $5,513
31st Joseph Ritzie $4,785
32nd Charles Johnson $4,785
33rd Anthony Fields $4,785
34th Steven Onan $4,161
35th Christopher Bartley $4,161
36th Patrick Anderson $4,161
37th John Lanese $3,745
38th William Watson $3,745
39th Derrick Brown $3,745
40th Ronnie Young $3,745
41st Edward Leblanc $3,745
42nd Joseph Stark $3,745
43rd William Waxler $3,745
44th Johnny Bromberg $3,745
45th Bruce Hugon $3,745
46th Joseph Hiudt $3,329
47th Kevin Johnson $3,329
48th Tamitha Tomasello $3,329
49th Nesli Ohare $3,329
50th Dominic Finch $3,329
51st Joshua Vanhoose $3,329
52nd James Namiot $3,329
53rd Kenneth Hicks $3,329
54th Nolan King $3,329
55th Donnie Phan $3,120
56th Jeff Goodrich $3,120
57th Ebony Kenney $3,120
58th Tate Reynolds $3,120
59th Bradley Rhodes $3,120
60th Cory Biddle $3,120
61st Charles Wills $3,120
62nd Cobi Cobian $3,120
63rd Donald Carlton $3,120
64th Eric Kois $2,808
65th Jeremy Pappano $2,808
66th Alex Cibotarica $2,808
67th Angela Shade $2,808
68th Jason Kinman $2,808
69th Michael Savakinas $2,808
70th Joann Kite $2,808
71st Joshua Maynard $2,808
72nd Terry Goins $2,808
73rd Michael Suggs $2,600
74th Steven Snyder $2,600
75th Chad Baer $2,600
76th Ronnie Day $2,600
77th Michael Scarborough $2,600
78th Jared Frank $2,600
79th Rosemary Martin $2,600
80th Jordan Hoffman $2,600
81st John Baily $2,600