Aaron Speer ($87,790) Wins Daytona Beach Main Event Outright

Aaron Speer ($87,790) Wins Daytona Beach Main Event Outright

2024 Moneymaker Tour
Daytona Beach Racing & Card Club
Daytona Beach, FL
Event #10
$1,500 Moneymaker Main Event NLH (Re-Entry)
Entries:  296
Prize Pool:  $399,600
April 25 - 29, 2024

Event 10 of the 2024 Moneymaker Tour at Daytona Beach was the $1,500 Buy-in NLH Main Event. The event drew 296 entries over three starting days blasting away the $300,000 guarantee.

The event attracted players from around the world and saw deep runs from Florida locals Ryan Hogan (32nd), PBKC Main Event winner Bryce McVay (15th), and Raminder Singh (4th).

In the end, Aaron Speer won the event outright for $87,790, a custom autographed Moneymaker Tour logo painting, and the coveted Moneymaker crystal trophy!

Our next stop takes us back to a familiar venue, Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. The series begins on May 2nd and runs through the 14th. There will be 28 trophy events with over $500,000 in guarantees including the $1,500 Buy-in, $300,000 Guaranteed Main Event! To see the full schedule, click here. We hope to see you there!

Place First Name Last Name Prize Amount
1st Aaron Speer $87,790
2nd Roger Thompson $61,595
3rd Le Tran $39,600
4th Raminder Singh $24,855
5th Juan Tellez $19,180
6th Andrew Denick $15,885
7th Edward Mroczkowski $13,345
8th William Meadows $10,970
9th Chad Gardner $8,780
10th Allen Swilling $7,395
11th Mohamad Alhalwani $7,395
12th Pablo Valdivieso $7,395
13th Matthew Edmonds $6,295
14th Kody Kling $6,295
15th Bryce McVay $6,295
16th Matthew Travis $5,235
17th David Poces $5,235
18th Anthony Gagliardo $5,235
19th Johnny Bromberg $4,275
20th Ashraf Chehata $4,275
21st Saied Zamiri $4,275
22nd David Nathaniel $3,495
23rd Tan Nguyen $3,495
24th Toby Boas $3,495
25th Yousef Nassr $3,040
26th Brian Arbaugh $3,040
27th Justin Snavely $3,040
28th Christopher Tryba $2,635
29th Shane Scorza $2,635
30th Brian Vazquez $2,635
31st Jennifer McDonald $2,635
32nd Ryan Hogan $2,635
33rd Matthew Steinberg $2,635
34th Anthony March $2,635
35th Tyler Denson $2,635
36th Charles Mitchell $2,635
37th Wendy Lu $2,340
38th Maxwell Young $2,340